Polygala myrtifolia x oppositifolia 'Polylab'

full sun

part shade



height 1m

spread 1m

A terrific dwarf plant that has quickly won favour for its outstanding pot and garden performance. Its naturally compact, mounded habit makes it great choice for those wanting a well shaped plant with little effort. It makes a great patio and deck specimen for those seeking a bright splash of colour. It loves the sun too, performing well in the heat. Responds very well to a quick prune, that said, this is rarely required as its habit is naturally so dense and compact.

The green foliage is set off by its abundant flowers nearly all year round. Long lasting displays of bright purple pea-like flowers make it particularly useful for those looking to impress with a vivid colour scheme. Imagine it planted against a bright wall or in a colourful decorative pot. It is well suited to coastal zones as it has high resistance to salinity and is also frost hardy. Plant in medium containers, as a low border or in the garden bed for fast results with high impact.